Dental Technology

With the constantly emerging innovations in dental technology, it’s an exciting time to be in the field! At McRae Dental, we are happy to be able to offer our clients the impressive benefits of the dental technology available to us!

Fotona Laser

Our soft-tissue lasers can be used for several different procedures that involve your gums. In addition to periodontal benefits, soft-tissue lasers can have some aesthetic benefits, including hair removal, lip plumping, and removal of fine facial lines.

In all situations, though, they allow our team to work with a higher level of precision, as these lasers are able to focus in on the fine details of your appearance.

Lasers can also provide our clients with faster healing times, as the precision of a laser means a lower chance of irritation. Similarly, the light technology of the laser itself may reduce the chances of post-treatment bleeding!

We also have a laser that works with harder tissues. In fact, we are able to use laser treatment to clean out cavity decay without the need for anesthesia! It’s simple, fast, and extremely effective.

CT Scan

This method of scanning offers much more detail than a traditional x-ray, without any extra hassle or time. When our team uses a CT scan, it allows us to see bones, blood vessels, and more— not just your teeth.

With all this extra information, we’re able to give our clients more detailed information, so we are able to catch potential problems sooner than ever before. With such a detailed map of the area around your teeth, we can also plan our future procedures that much more thoroughly.


Using a dental microscope makes it possible to inspect your teeth at the minute level. When we’re able to see your teeth closely and in fine detail, we can provide you a higher level of care and discover problems, no matter how small, before they have time to develop.

In our office we believe that the more knowledge you have about your own health, the better you’re able to care for yourself. We are so glad we can offer technology that can inform you about your health!

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