Metal Free Fillings

In the past, dental fillings have been made with an assortment of different metals, including gold, silver, mercury, and even tin. While the concept was sound—metals are known for being strong, durable materials—our modern understanding of dentistry has shown that there are many drawbacks to using metal in fillings.

At McRae Dentistry, we are committed to staying on top of recent dental research, so we can offer you the healthiest and most effective dental methods. As such, we do not use metals in any of our fillings.

Drawbacks to Metal Fillings

Because metals can be sensitive to temperature, metal fillings can loosen and even fall out after frequent exposure to very hot or cold foods. If a filling falls out, the tooth it was protecting becomes vulnerable to infection.

Even worse, fillings that contain mercury have the potential to leech trace amounts of this dangerous metal into the body, leading to serious health risks. Mercury has been connected to health problems in many different areas of the body, including the nervous, digestive, and immune systems.

Fillings at McRae Dental

Because we put our clients’ health and safety above all else at our practice, we are committed to using only non-metal fillings. Our healthy composite fillings can fill cavities just as well as the more traditional metal filling and match the color of your tooth at the same time!

With our tooth-colored filling material, no one needs to know you’ve had a cavity filled. While very strong, this material can also easily be sculpted for an exact fit and won’t damage neighboring teeth.

Additionally, these non-metal fillings are bonded to the tooth, making them an even better solution to cavity protection than their metal peers. You will not have to worry about unhealthy metals getting into your body, and you can rest easy knowing that your filling is securely in place, keeping harmful bacteria at bay.

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