Patient Amenities

What sets our office apart is an unparalleled level of expertise and artistry. The result is a total experience you won’t forget. Our office has been designed with the latest amenities and technology we know our patients deserve. It’s about exceeding expectations. We would like to pamper you. Please let your assistant or hygienist know which of these comfort enhancing amenities you would favor the most.

Free Wi-Fi

We make it easy to keep up with your work email, Facebook posting, or whatever you want to do online with free internet access in our offices. Just ask at the front desk if you want to get connected.

TV Glasses

Enjoy any of our channels of Direct TV while you have your dental work performed. Let the earphones dissolve the sometimes abrasive noises of dentistry as you watch your favorite television show or movie.

Warm Blanket

Wrap yourself up in a warm, dryer fluffed blanket while you have your dental work performed. It will relax your muscles and give you the comfort that you need in a sometimes chilly office.

Snacks & Drinks

Enjoy the drinks & snacks we have in the waiting room after your dental appointment!